Mike Y.

Rabbi Friedman performed both of our sons Bris with utmost surgical precision and skill. His wonderful sense of humor will put anyone at ease! His use of hemostatic gauze dressing really made a huge difference on the aftercare of the bris. We have been to many Bris ceremonies in the past. Every bris that we have ever attended whether it was friends or family - all hired Rabbi Friedman. This speaks volume! That is a reason why the community and people in general hire Rabbi Friedman. He is a true master of his craft. If you are looking for a Mohel, look no further. You will be in good hands.

Ronnie B.

The Perfect Penis Mohel! That's what Rabbi Moshe Friedman should be called. Rabbi Moshe was absolutely incredible. If only everyone I came across in life provided such high quality service! To start with, in the weeks leading up to the brith we were in constant contact and he kept checking in to ensure all was going well. The day of the brith, I (the father) was a nervous wreck but Rabbi Moshe provided a calm and funny atmosphere so that everyone felt relaxed. And as it turned out, with Rabbi Moshe's hands there was nothing to be nervous about. Throughout the day, after the brith, we received regular texts from Rabbi Moshe reminding us to change the diaper and if we had any questions. Rabbi Moshe has perfected the art of the brith so that it is down to a 3 minute procedure, which went as perfect as could be. Even our pediatrician commented days later that "this circumcision is one of the best i've ever seen!" hence the name, Perfect Penis Mohel. The brith was in June 2016 and I would highly encourage all new parents to look no further than Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman - the Perfect Penis Mohel. Thanks again Rabbi!

Ebie F.

Rabbi Friedman has such joy in his heart that it overflows into everything he says and does. Add to that, he is a perfectionist at circumcision, a magnificently caring human being, and an all around mensch. He did not bat an eye that we are two dads. He wrote: "A Jewish boy deserves a bris and a Jewish girl a baby naming!" People who attended the bris and baby naming of our twins said he was without comparison the best they had ever observed. If I could give a hundred or a thousand stars, I would. He gave us detailed instructions beforehand. He trained us and our baby nurse (she has cared for many, many Jewish boys and never encountered such a detailed and knowledgeable mohel). He followed up hourly. If you have any doubts, put them to rest. This is your son's mohel. Oh, and he has a great sense of humor!!

Yelena M.

From the moment you call him and ask him to do your son's Bris, you feel at ease. You sense his humor, his kindness and his experience. Rabbi Friedman came recommended by my best friend. I watched him in action at her son's Bris 7 months prior. When it was time for my son's Bris, I thought I lived too far in upper Manhattan for Rabbi Friedman to travel, so silly of me- I did not bother to inquire with him. We had a back and forth search for a Mohel that we felt comfortable with. Then an unexpected issue with occurred with our son; he had to be in the NICU for 2 days. I called Rabbi Friedman from the hospital. He was so enthusiastic, flexible, right away said he will do our Bris and promised that everything will be okay. The Bris ceremony was a joyous, stress free, occasion, our guests still talk about him. He makes everyone laugh. As for the circumcision-I agree wholeheartedly with the other reviews, he is a master who has perfected his craft. My husband is a surgeon, our pediatrician was at our Bris ! They were both so impressed with his skill level and confidence. Finally, he walks you through every step of the process and maintains ongoing communication with you as your baby heals. I fully intend to be that nagging Jewish mom, 18 years from now to say "You show me some respect, I hired the Mercedes of Mohels for you when you were born !"

Ana S.

In the first 20 seconds of speaking to Rabbi Friedman on the phone I knew he was the right Rabbi for my son's Bris. He has a great personality and brings a spiritual yet light hearted air to the event. He is great at incorporating requests and including family members in honors. He is gifted at explaining the process and tradition in a mixed faith audience. He uses the quicker instrument for the Bris and everything is sterile. Overall just an outstanding performance and a beautiful resulting Bris that was quick and with little pain. He is extremely helpful with after care and available to answer any questions or concerns. I appreciated that he utilizes text messaging. We also loved the "Bris-kit"! We can't wait to have another boy to enjoy his expertise in the future.

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