Eric T.

Three years ago Rabbi Friedman performed Brit Milah on my first grandson and on 6/10/16 he did an outstanding service for my second grandson. He came in on time and very well prepared for the ceremony. Rabbi Friedman was very attentive to the child and supportive to the child's nervous mom. After the service he asked her to send him pictures after every gauze change so he can see for himself that everything went well. Also, after finding out that I have a granddaughter as well, he offered to do the naming ceremony right there. Which of course we did. Amazing person, has a great sense of humor and wit. Didn't just come in to do the Brit and leave, but also gave everyone a piece of rabbinical story on the meaning of this religious procedure. Thank you Rabbi.

Kingsley R.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman did an amazing job on my son Shlomo Leib Menachem Mendel. Not only was he not judgemental as someone from a more religious background but he explained everything and made everyone feel included. You want to hire an awesome mohel then my recommendation is to go with Rabbi Friedman he does amazing work and he is an mensch in every sense of the word.

Marina K.

How do you pick a Mohel for your son's Bris??? You ask around, you read reviews, you look them up and try to see something in their eyes that will project confidence. This is how we picked Rabbi Friedman. He came highly recommended by many of our friends, and after looking up his website, and seeing his face I was able to say, I trust this man to perform this delicate procedure and ceremony on my son. From our first phone conversation I was sure that he will do a great job. He was very detailed, very flexible and not judgmental. He arrived to the ceremony on time, he was able to communicate with my family who didn't speak a word in English, and our guests were all in the know of what a Bris was after Rabbi Friedman finished the ceremony. The procedure was quick , and although my baby was crying, it didn't last too long and I was able to cuddle him and hug him right away. Rabbi Friedman kept in touch with us during the day after the procedure to make sure we were changing the gauze properly and on times he set up for us. It has been a week since the Bris and we are healing very well, we are very thankful to Rabbi Friedman for taking this responsibility and welcoming our little guy to Bris with Hashem.


I've been to numerous Bris' and the comfort and ease with with Rabbi Friedman performs a Bris is unmatched. When it came time for our son to enter the fold by removing his fold (pun intended) we choose mohel Friedman to preform the honor. My son is now 4 yrs old and he looks perfect, nothing ever adhered, regrew or any of the other problems that I've heard can be common with circumcision. Another plus is that the Rabbi conforms to the religious or non religious background of the family. He ties in a couple of words from the weeks Parsha, maybe an upcoming holiday and puts in a way that doesn't feel over bearing or super religious. Recently my sister had her baby and of course used Rabbi Friedman for her son. He was kind and generous enough to simultaneously preform our daughters baby naming. Thank you a million times over!!

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Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman is the ROLLS ROYCE of Mohels! If you are looking for the BEST of the BEST, look no further. He is funny, witty, and puts you at ease. We hired him in the past and I have been to other bris's where he performed his services and each and every time he was professional and did an outstanding job! Thank you so much for everything that you do!

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