Nicole M.

My husband and I were very impressed by Rabbi Friedman's compassion and competence. We are both physicians and were very pleased that his method involves local anesthesia for the baby. Babies this young certainly still experience pain and we felt that our son's pain was minimized as well as possible. Rabbi Friedman also stood out for his attention to aftercare, texting us several times to remind us how and when to change dressings and to make sure the baby was doing well. He seemed genuinely concerned and I really appreciated his attentiveness and gentle nature.

Dana M.

Rabbi Friedman was the mohel for our son nearly one year ago. I echo most of the other comments. Not only was he prepared, humorous and precise, I have had 3 pediatricians comment on how good our son's private areas look. Also, he was completely open and non judgmental to be our mohel ( my partner and I were not yet married at the time of our son's bris) even though circumstances were a bit non traditional. We also had several guests at our bris who previously had semi negative associations or fictitious assumptions about a bris, and all came away impressed and with positive feelings about the process and ceremony.

Julie I.

The best experience we could have possibly asked for!!! I was a nervous wreck and my husband was very much against having anyone but an MD perform the procedure but Rabbi Friedman exceeded all of our expectations, he was professional, kind, understanding and engaging, explaining the process and the importance including everyone who attended the ceremony. He took great pains in helping me choose an appropriate Hebrew name for my son and answered any questions that we had. On the morning of we realized that we had no Kosher wine and he was calm and was able to find something that was a good substitute. He took great care, ensuring the procedure was sterile and gave incredibly detailed after care instructions and followed up hourly to make sure that both my son and myself were handling everything well. As a nurse I can attest to his cleanliness, he walked me through how to properly clean the area multiple times, making sure frequently that I had no questions or concerns and made himself available for days after should there be any problems. The process was much easier and quicker than anything I have seen performed in a "medical" setting. The baby cried for only a few minutes but recovered very quickly and very well. The after care was very easy to understand and my boy healed within a few days. I would never hire anyone else, my husband and my family where very impressed and I highly encourage anyone who is looking for a Mohel to reach out to Rabbi Friedman.

Alla Z.

Rabbi Friedman did an amazing job on our son's bris. Not only was the procedure fast and painless, he was extremely responsive to our questions after the bris and did everything to reassure us and make sure baby was comfortable. On top of that, he is a great speaker and kept the crowd entertained. We would contact him again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him.

Joshua N.

Rabbi Friedman is by far the top professional in his field. He was recommended to us by a friend who used him, but they did not explain why. After having him as the Mohel for our son's Bris, we now realize why he should be everyone's choice. The day of your son's Bris is one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Rabbi Friedman made us so calm that we did not fret or stress for a second. After meeting him and shaking his hand, I realized that my wife and I had nothing to worry about and our son was going to be in the best possible hands. The process literally took seconds. Rabbi Friedman followed up with us hourly after the procedure to ensure that everything was going as planned. I would recommend him to everyone I know. When we look back on the day of the Bris, we do not recall being nervous at all. We owe a tremendous thank you to Rabbi Friedman for that.

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