Lau H.

The BEST there is! Rabbi Friedman is funny, personable and professional. He explained and demonstrated the aftercare in great detail and is available for followup anytime you have questions or want confirmation that the bris area is healing well. Would definitely recommend him without hesitation.

Naomi W.

Had a wonderful experience having Rabbi Friedman perform my son’s Bris! He is super prepared and I felt very calm as a new mother knowing my son was in good hands. Highly recommend Rabbi Friedman.

Miriam L.

I think I was the MOST nervous mother before my son’s Bris but Rabbi Friedman did an excellent job. He is very quick and professional. I know everyone says he does a very entertaining speech before the Bris but I requested he keep the before very short to get the actual Bris over with. He complied with my sort of unusual request without a word. He answered ALL of my questions and generally was very honest and open about the whole procedure. Also I think my baby cries more during a bath than during his Bris! I really can’t imagine what I would have done without such an experienced mohel and someone who is so wonderful at reassuring the parents and explaining the aftercare.

Lina K.

Rabbi Friedman is the very best. He made the occasion of our son’s Bris a special event for everyone in attendance. He was funny and charming and spent time explaining everything to the guests. Especially my Russian-speaking family was so impressed with his warm, humorous style mixed with his lovely and clear explanations.

The cutting itself was quick and my son didn’t even cry after. Rabbi Friedman took us through the procedure and aftercare numerous times to make sure we were clear and comfortable with the instructions. He took us through some post Bris diaper changes and then after we were home, he checked in on us every hour to see how we were doing. Talk about 5 star care!

He made this nervous hormonal mama laugh through the whole event – now that is pure magic!

Kace M.

To say that I was nervous the morning of my sons Bris would be a grave understatement. Putting on my shoes that morning even seemed like a challenge. Rabbi Friedman made sure we were well informed of the procedure and most importantly kept our son comfortable throughout the entire process. The ceremony was quick and easy. Our son cried only for a few seconds before he went off into a milk and wine induced nap. Rabbi Friedman gave us very clear instructions on how to care for the baby, as well as followed up hourly for the first 24 hours with reminders via phone and text. All our friends and family were raving about our mohel’s charm and humor. He really turned this terrifying event into a joyous occasion. We have since recommended him to many of our friends and even attended a Bris he was part of this past week.

Rabbi Friedman is the best in the business! Thank you so much for your charm, charisma and absolute professionalism !!


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