Larry S.

All I can say about this Rabbi is WOW. It's been 7 months and my sons member is looking perfect. Before all this went down me and my wife were so worried about how to take care of it, but Rabbi Friedman made sure to text us and remind us how to do it. It was a pleasure for having you as our sons mohel and if we have another boy we know who to call!

Liza F.

It was a huge journey to find a Mohel for us! I looked for right person more than 7 months! Thanks G-d, I was recommended to Rabbi Friedman! He is attentive, extremely funny, charming, and caring. You feel safe putting your son in his hands, and he's so organized and industrious, you don't worry about all the care that comes afterwards. He keeps after you and makes it easy to stay on track. Before and after the ceremony, we never waited for an answer to any question. Ask him for the "Royal P-nis" 😉

Anna M.

Rabbi Friedman is amazing! Hands of gold! I wouldn't let anyone else near my sons. He did an amazing job and was always there if I needed to ask any questions. If you are looking for a Mohel, look no more because he is the best of the best!

Lyuda D.

My whole family is so thankful to Rabbi Friedman for the amazing job he did for our baby boy. He is so smart and attentive. And his work is immaculate. He is even really funny ! During the stressful first few days of becoming a new mom I was very thankful to Rabbi Friedman for assuring me everything will be okay with the bris. Even after the ceremony he followed up to make sure the aftercare was done on time and that our baby was healing properly. And heal properly it did !!! Simply put, he is the best. Period.

Florina F

What can I say except for that I'm so thankful that I found Rabbi Friedman. I have been fortunate enough to have had to use his services twice, and he has been a pleasure to deal with. He walks you thru everything, puts you at ease, makes jokes to lighten the mood, and shows you how to care for your little bundle of joy. He was always there to answer follow up questions, reminded you to change baby's diaper on time, and was very kind to a very worried mama. My pediatrician said that both bris's were done perfectly. Thank you Rabbi!

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