Randi S.

I could leave the same glowing reviews as the rest but you don’t need to see more of that but you should know they are all true. So I’ll just tell you that when my son went to the doctor a few days after his bris, the Dr. said “whoa, beautiful circ!” and gave me a high five.

Jules R.

Island Park, NY

Rabbi Friedman is the absolute best! When he says he will treat your son like his own, he means it! He takes the time to make sure everyone knows what to expect and he will cater the ceremony to best suit your needs and wishes. He’s extremely personable and kind and above all, most importantly, he’s an expert in his field and does exceptional work. Following the ceremony, he makes sure you feel comfortable and prepared when it comes to baby’s recovery, bathing & changing the dressings, and he’s diligent with following up!  If we are blessed with another boy, we wouldn’t hesitate to call upon Rabbi Friedman again.

Kathy W.

Rabbi Friedman was referred to me by my OBGYN who said that he was definitely the best mohel out there. He was right! A true professional. Some of the other mohels I spoke with, sounded creepy over the phone. Rabbi Friedman was relaxed, funny and a breath of fresh air! So glad that he was available to perform our son’s bris. Our pediatrician marveled at the beautiful and quick healing!

Barbara K.

Rabbi Friedman is simply UNBELIEVABLE!! He is considered the most sophisticated and professional Orthodox Mohel on the planet. New York Magazine recognized him for his marvelous talents as well. He has a G-d given talent and true passion for what he does. He is a star amongst the Who’s Who and has a very strong and diverse loyal following particularly among the new age – hip- professional and sophisticated parents. I have attended many Jewish Bris ceremonies over the years – but can tell you unequivocally that I have never seen a mohel like Rabbi Friedman. He is awesome! The ceremony he conducts is spiritual, moving and hilarious. Personally, he is the neatest, cleanest, most organized professional I have ever seen. Many of my Jewish friends (through my recommendation) who have used him for their sons’ circumcision cannot stop raving about him. You must reserve him early though, since he gets booked up very quickly.

Linda R.

We researched and went bananas trying to find the perfect mohel for our newborn son. At the end of the day – after eliminating six other mohels, everything seemed to be pointing us in the direction of the undisputed Master Mohel Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman. Well, well, well…., honestly, words cannot do justice to properly describe the level of professionalism he demonstrated every step of the way. From our initial call to him in my second trimester – all through the Post Bris aftercare, he continuously was the most responsive professional we ever met. Of course the circumcision he performed was perfect – and even the doctor marveled at the precision. You will definitely love him. There is no way not to!


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