Richard G.

Never in my life would I have predicted that I would be writing a Yelp review for a Mohel that performed on a Bris for my son.

But here we are.

Rabbi Friedman is as amazing as they say he is. After witnessing his work at my cousin’s Bris earlier this year, the choice was simple. During my wife’s first phone call to him, he guaranteed her that my son would have “the Ryan Gosling of penises.” She called me immediately and said she was sold.

Not only did everything go as perfect as he said it would, but Rabbi Friedman’s work doesn’t stop there. He was meticulous in his instructions to us, staying to ensure that not only was the baby properly bandaged, but we knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Moreover, he messaged my wife and I every single hour on the hour: alerts, instructions and requesting updates. His job is not finished until he knows that all is well.

If you’re serious about entrusting someone, trust Rabbi Friedman. He simply is the best.

Lena Z.

My husband and I can’t say enough great things about Rabbi Moshe. He was recommended to us by a good friend who spoke highly of him. The minute we spoke on the phone I knew we hit a jackpot! Being both doctors we first wanted to see a urologist for opinion prior to Bris but no one would see us until 6months. Rabbi Moshe got us an appointment in less then 24hrs with a chief urologist day prior to Bris. When we told urologist who our mohel would be, he spoke very highly of him which made us even more excited to meet him. Rabbi Freedman let us arrange the Bris at our home at the best time convenient to our family without hesitation. When he arrived he was funny, confident , kind, knowledgeable and made the entire Bris experience a truly special and memorable event for our family. My husband has seen many circumcisions at the hospital and said Rabbi Moshe did a better job then he has ever seen throughout his medical training. After the circumcision Rabbi Friedman contacted us frequently to make sure we were doing everything correctly and that healing was going well. He provided our little guy top notch care and we highly recommend him to any family looking for a Mohel!

Madison M.

Very responsive to my many questions before and after. Actual circumcision was quick and thorough care instructions were provided. Overall, experience was made not as stressful for parents as it could be!

Olya M.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Freedman performed the best Brit Milah service that I, my family and guests have ever experienced. From the very beginning he calmed our nerves and helped us prepare for this truly special day. He opened the service with an educational and entertaining explanation of the meaning behind the bris ceremony enlightening guests both Jewish and non. My guests raved that it was the funnest, most entertaining, emotional and wonderful bris they had ever been to. The procedure itself was done so professionally and with great care. Rabbi Freedman took the time to explain all the aftercare to my husband and I, and even sent text message reminders afterwards and was available for questions to ensure proper healing. Our son is healing beautifully and truly revealed his strength and bravery at 8 days old! We highly recommend Rabbi Friedman and are so thankful for the all-round amazing work he did!

Annie B.

Yes, Rabbi Friedman lives up to his reputation. (And yes, I also can’t believe I’m writing a review on Yelp for a Mohel). Needless to say, it’s a stressful occasion for any mama, so I felt reassured by the Rabbi’s experience before, during, and even afterwards. Rabbi Friedman left us with very clear instructions on how to care for the baby and followed up everyday to remind us and check on healing. Thanks Rabbi!


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