Jacqueline E.

Rabbi Friedman performed by sons’ bris this past Thursday and he was just fantastic. He made us (the parents) feel calm, and each of our guests felt included in the beautiful ceremony, and naming. The most amazing part, was of course the PERFECT job he did with the circumcision, but I have to add on top of that – the follow up care for our new baby boy. We got texts checking in and reminding us of what to do, and if we had a question, he followed up with us within minutes! Thank you Rabbi Friedman!!

Quart K.

Rabbi Friedman was recommended to me by my brother, a pediatrician, at the recommendation of his physician coworkers. Rabbi Friedman performed a most beautiful and sentimental ceremony for my son. My friends and family were amazed as well and complemented Rabbi on his endearing nature. As for the procedure itself, my brother observed Rabbi Friedman’s procedure and was impressed with the technique in which Rabbi performed the circumcision, not to mention in a quarter of the time it takes the doctors in the hospital where he works. My husband and I are both doctors ourselves and appreciated the sanitization and extra care that Rabbi Friedman used. Furthermore, after the circumcision, Rabbi Friedman went above and beyond and stayed for hours afterwards to assist my husband and me with diaper changes. We have been to other Briss ceremonies and never witnessed the mohel stay after the circumcision. Additionally, Rabbi Friedman provided very clear instructions with regard to how to care for our son for weeks after the Briss. He even texted and called to follow up to make sure we are on track and had no concerns. To top it all off, my son’s pediatrician complimented the wonderful job that Rabbi did (proud Daddy moment)! Overall, there is no one else I would trust more than Rabbi Friedman to perform this very meaningful and important ceremony in a Jewish boy’s rite.

Irine S.

Had Moshe Friedman perform my son’s Brit Mila on 4/23/17 and he was incredible. All through the process he kept the attendees engaged. The actual procedure was done with surgical precision and was completed quickly.

He gave perfect follow up care instructions that were verbal AND written.

Rabbi Friedman followed up with us for 2 days in a row at every dressing change.

He is really an amazing mohel and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to others. Do yourself a favor and use him for your next Bris.

Thank you 🙂

Lenny P.

There are times on our lives that we hit milestones, some are greater than other. For my wife and I, it was when we found out that we are expecting our first child, which happened to be a boy. As soon as we spread the AMAZING news to our friends, they all said “Lenny you must reach out to Rabbi Friedman” and so I did. After our conversation, I realized why he was so highly recommended. Through out the remainder of the Pregnancy, Rabbi Friedman has reached out to us, following up on my wife’s well being. It was a remarkable to see someone who I spoke to on the phone once, cared about us like he was family. Finally the day came, and our son arrived( a few weeks earlier then expected) and so I called Rabbi Friedman to let him know that our son was born so we could set up the big day.

The morning of the Bris I was extremely nervous, but once Rabbi Friedman walked through the door, I felt at total ease. His great sense of humor and his remarkable personality, I felt totally calm. The ceremony went by beautifully and flawless. It was done not only on a very professional level, but it was also done with LOVE and passion.

Once the Bris was over, Rabbi Friedman kept on checking up on us and the baby to make sure everything is going according to plan, he would txt me to remind me about the dressing changes and was there to answer any of my questions that I had. Rabbi Friedman didn’t just me come our Mohel, he became a very close friend.

Efrat P.

Rabby Friedman was truly amazing!!
This was the Bris for my second son, I had a rough Bris reaction for my first son (with a different Mohel), so I was naturally super stressed about this one. From the moment we contacted Rabby Friedman, everything was so organized. We got an email with all info and explanations on how to prep for the Bris.
During the actual circumcision, my son didn’t even cry. Rabby Friedman used local Anastasia and the entire process took seconds only. After the ceremony the Rabby gave me a “goodie” bag with all things needed to change the baby and I even got a lovely certificate and a gift for the baby! I also got a very detailed explanation on how to care for the area by the Rabby as well as in paper.
Rabby Friedman was so calm and organized, I felt like this time I really knew what’s going on (even though it was my second Bris, I didn’t really feel prepared before Rabby Friedman’s prep). Everything went so smooth! My son barely cried after the procedure, and the Rabby was in contact with me every hour!! Checking up on diaper changes and any other questions I had. He truly made me feel secure, knowing I can reach him at any time and he will answer any question or concern I may have!
The area healed so nicely and quickly after the circumcision. The pediatrician was very impressed!!! We were also very impressed (knowing how it looked with our first Bris. I highly recommend Rabby Friedman!! He did an amazing job and most importantly helped me feel calm and secure during this stressful time. He promised he will take care of my son as if it was his own child and I truly feel that he did!! Thank you so much Rabby Friedman!! We really appreciate it!!!


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