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If your looking for perfection Rabbi Moshe Friedman is the person you are looking for. Where to begin?… Not only is his demeanor amazing, he puts you at ease from the moment you let him know you had a little boy. He is always available to answer all questions not just before the circumcision but any following days there after.

From the moment Rabbi Friedman comes in the room you feel nothing but calmness and trust in him. He will put you at ease immediately.

The technique he uses is simply genius! Very quick! Right after he makes sure you are able to take care of the babys changes.

He takes such pride in this its truly amazing to watch and be apart of.!

Raquel V.

Rabbi Friedman is not only warm, caring and personable; he is professionally an amazing Mohel. His work is clean, neat and perfection! Medical professionals have complimented his work; its precision and outcome. I couldn’t have imagined any one else (doctors and surgeons included) performing a circumcision on my son where my son would have received such care and attention to detail as he did with Rabbi Friedman

Inna P.

Hello Readers, If you assumed that Bris in itself is an important matter, wait until you get to know Rabbi Friedman. You will realize that there are: “Pre-Bris” and “Post-Bris” parts to it. In my case the Pre-Bris included endless questions, which were answered clearly and patiently as well as deep psychological support at the end of which I was convinced that my only son is in the right hands. He explained in detail what to expect and provided me with well documented list of supplies I needed to arrange (some of which are provided by him free of charge 🙂 ).

As to main event I would grade him A+ as well. He did arrive on time and quickly took care of the overwhelmingly nervous audience (including myself) by running through entertaining psychological mantra. He then started the ceremony and quickly proceed to the “main event”. I noticed the cleanliness of his tools and professional demeanor while he was performing anesthesia and verifying that the area is numb. And here, within blink of an eye came the cut!. Yet, I couldn’t believe it was over. Truly amazing speed. The baby has barely noticed it and felt very comfortable. Next, is the the reason why I decided to make it a 5 star review.

The Post-Bris: The Rabbi took myself and my wife to the side and explained how we should care for the baby in the next week or so and handed us the well documented hard copy of the instructions. He then demonstrated to us how to treat the “area” by using his suggested method which from everything I’ve read on the internet prior to the procedure, is quite unique. He stayed with us for some time to show us how to change the gauze and verified that we are comfortable doing it ourselves. Also, he insisted we text him after several initial changes. He kept texting us reminders so we don’t miss the change time. He stayed in touch with us for quite some time after leaving so we didn’t feel overwhelmed and abandoned. One week after the procedure, it looks as though our son was born this way.

I am sure there are many other good mohels out there, but for us Rabbi Friedman rose above all in terms of professionalism, personality and equally important continuous emotional support for the parents. I would definitely recommend him.

Lina S.

I have known Rabbi Friedman for about 7 years prior to our twins bris. I met him while photographing a Bris for a client. I was amazed at his composure, sterile approach, humor and kindness and when I came home I told my husband I have found a mohel for when we have our next son. Through the years I have photographed many Brisim where Rabbi Friedman has been a mohel and my feelings never changed. I have referred him to my friends who had boys and they all loved him. When I found out I was expecting twin boys Rabbi Friedman was the second person (after my mom) who we spoke to after our appointment. He has been extremely supportive through the entire process. Our twins were premies so we had to wait and Rabbi Friedman was extremely attentive. On the day of the bris he was amazing – charismatic and funny, making nervous husband, siblings and grandmas comfortable. His attention to detail and cleanliness is like none other – the care package he prepared was incredible. He performed both brisim swiftly, sterily, and with so much good humor that our guests thought he was a stand up comedian. After the bris he was sending us hourly texts to check in and remind us to change the bandages. And the boys healed quickly and beautifully. I hope I get to see Rabbi Friedman for many years to come at many more simhas (including the brisim of my future grand babies).

Stan M.

Excellent multiple experiences with a spiritual professional . Started with a recommendation from a friend that blossomed into a wonderful friendship . Rabbi Friedman officiated at my sons bris . I’ve called upon him multiple times for friends and family . He even took a few moments to bless my daughter when we bumped into him at a friends bris . Always a fantastic experience . Explains everything fully , follows up the next few days , and blesses the family with a certificate. Highly recommend.


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