Sergey S.

An exceptionally well done job. We placed the life of our son in the hands of a very professional and caring person. He kept checking on our son everyday until everything was healed. My wife and I are very happy with the bris.

Rita R.

The thought of circumcising a baby on the 8th day of birth, makes me cringe. But after attending our friends son's bris, I was in complete awe. I instantly told my husband Moshe Chaim Friedman is our guy. With his steady and easy hand, the baby didn't cry one bit, and the procedure seemed painless. With his sense of humor and charismatic personality, the guests loved him. He made us feel comfortable and at ease. After going back and forth with how we wanted to circumcise our boy, we knew that we had to do it the "right way," and getting Moshe Chaim Friedman was the right choice. As the day was getting closer to bringing our baby into this world, we reached out to Friedman and asked him to be our Mohel, which he gladly accepted. When the day came, we were all nervous. Not only about the procedure, but our baby boy. Anxiety was an understatement. After nearly 3 long minutes, and lots of tears, the baby was circumcised. It was the quickest and seamless procedure. And when we thought it was all over and done with, we're still left to treat that little mans penis with gentle care. Rabbi Friedman has been on top of it since he minute he left our home. He followed up hourly and sent us reminders to change the gauze pads and soak him in warm water. This type of service was not expected but soooo appreciated. To end it all off, we also received a beautiful certificate made personally for our little man on the day of his circumcision, a goodie bag with items from his own line and we even gave him a Jewish name, which was also the name of one of Moshe's sons. We could not have been more happy with the decision we made to appoint Chaim Friedman as our Mohel for our sons bris. Our guests completely loved him, and he made this not so pleasant experience, extremely easy for us. I would recommend him for anyone who has any second thoughts about whom to choose to circumcise them, or whether it be done at the shul or in the comfort of your own home. Thank you for giving us a perfect little schmeckle.

Revi G.

There are many things I can write about Rabbi Friedman's talent, steady hand, care for newborns, sensitivity to new parents' worries, etc., but the overall "theme" in describing him is his genuine care and compassion. As soon as you speak to him his menschkeit shines through, and we knew it was an instant shidduch as soon as we began our conversations. As soon as I found out we were pregnant with a boy, I immediately began searching for a mohel. And like all parents want for their children, only the absolute best would do. We are fortunate enough to live in an area with many mohel options and recommendations, so I began making phone calls and looking up reviews and references. I came across Rabbi Friedman's through various sources which all kind of came together: a Mom's group on Facebook, several personal friends who've used him, and his write-ups, website, and various online articles. I emailed Rabbi Friedman several months before my due-date, which felt a bit weird planning for something before the baby was even born, but I knew there was no way I was making such a monumental decision in 8 days, while feeling overwhelmed by the joy of having a new baby, recovering from a csection, and being all sorts of emotional and sleep-deprived. Rabbi Friedman was understanding and immediately put my mind at ease, especially about my worry that the baby would roll off the pillow lol! He replied to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY EMAILS in a timely fashion, answering my questions with care and sensitivity, and putting my mind at ease. I was immediately impressed by his ability to explain his craft and answer questions in great detail and with compassion. I knew that he's heard the same question a million times, but he never made us feel like anything we asked was dumb or unimportant. When you're speaking to him, Rabbi Friedman has genuine kindness in his heart and mamash makes you feel like you're the most important thing in that moment. When the big day came, no one was as nervous as I was. In fact, I emailed Rabbi Friedman the night before in a panic- even telling him that for sure there is no nervous mother like a mother on the night before her son's bris. Rabbi Friedman listened to me, eased my worried mind, and I was able to relax a bit... The next morning everyone gathered for the momentous occasion, and Rabbi Friedman once again proved that he is the Cadillac of mohels. Before the bris, he met with my husband and me and went over every single detail about the baby's aftercare. He spent much time reviewing the hour-by-hour follow-up care and what we'd need to do to keep our son comfortable, clean, and his area sterile and healthy. Then he handed us everything we discussed in writing- because even though we paid attention, of course our minds were all over the place! Rabbi Friedman answered questions before we even asked them, which was amazing and such a relief! He knew exactly what needed and wanted to know, when lets' face it- we didn't know what we didn't know. He was prepared and it's clear that he is a perfectionist in his craft, because we left the bris confident and able to care for our son. At the bris, Rabbi Friedman spoke beautifully (and was so funny!) to the crowd which included 3 year olds, my 90 year old grandmother, and everything in between. He was able to captivate the audience by keeping things light while honoring the beauty , seriousness, sanctity of our son officially becoming a member of the tribe. Everyone in attendance told us it was a beautiful simcha and asked how we found "the amazing mohel". After the bris, Rabbi Friedman texted us hourly reminders all day and evening to make sure we kept up with the aftercare and was available instantaneously for any follow up questions we had. We would recommend Rabbi Friedman to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat. He truly loves what he does, he is committed to his parents and babies, and you can just tell that his heart and soul are in it and that he loves-- as he calls them- "his little friends". One of the most amazing human beings we've ever met, Rabbi Friedman truly does kiddush hashem with every bris he performs, and we are forever grateful he was there for our son's.

S. K.

There is absolutely no one else we could have possibly entrusted our son to for his Brit Milah. From the moment we first contacted Rabbi Friedman by email to the amazingly consistent emails, calls, and texts we instantly knew we'd made the right decision by choosing the same Mohel as many of our closest friends. Rabbi Friedman presided over 3 or 4 ceremonies the day of our son's Brit, but never made us feel rushed for a minute. Rather, he took great care in preparing us for the sequence of events, throughly explained the after care process, and both educated and entertained our family and friends with relatable explanations of the ritual. We had a very mixed bag of guests - some of whom had never been to a Brit before and didn't know what to expect. Everyone commented on how Rabbi Friedman clearly read the room and adjusted his approach on the fly. He was so full of joy and never a shortage of smiles, kind words, or lighthearted banter. As a first time mother, I especially appreciated that Rabbi Friedman took the time to put me at ease and didn't move forward until he knew I was OK. As I stood by (not watching), I was pleasantly surprised to be told it was all over and my baby had hardly made a peep beyond his normal "I'm cold" cry. Phew! We are now one week out from our son's Brit. He has healed AMAZINGLY. Mama and Abba are forever thankful for Rabbi Friedman! See you for the next one (B"H)!

Jess S.

what an Amazing person and the best Mohel! My husband and I were expecting our first child, a boy 🙂 . Ofcourse one starts to think about the Bris and Mohel, but for new parents especially the mother this can be hard to handle. The thought of your baby going through this ... and so I began to stress and think of all the horror stories friends and family went through and I wanted to make certain my baby had the best. After so much research and a very high recommendation from a friend we found Rabbi Friedman (Thank G-D! ). I spoke with him and right away he made me feel so comfortable, it was like this sense of calmness came over me. A sign from G-D he would take good care of my baby. Rabbi Friedman is one of the kindest, most sincere and understanding people I have met and with a steady hand and a heart filled with love . He was not only our Mohel but for months before the Bris he provided guidence and advice on Halacha and baby names (He was our and is our Rabbi too 🙂 ). I couldn't have been more blessed to meet such a person . The Bris was amazing, the atmosphere filled with laughter and so much feeling all because of Rabbi Friedman's amazing sense of humor and love of what he does. It all translates into an experience you'll never forget. Not to mention the after care, instructions and follow ups, he is Amazing and my son was fully healed in a week, no fussing and I only gave Tylenol once. There is no better and should I have a another boy someday we hope he will bless us with another Beautiful Bris! Thank you for all you do. My Hashem give you a life filled with Simchas and Brachot!

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