"...I believe that Rabbi Friedman displays the talent of a seasoned and experienced surgeon in carrying out his work..."


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Shlomo and Gitty Weiss

1508 Fifty ninth Street
Brooklyn, New York 11219
718 437-3622

October 25, 2007

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman
Certified Mohel
1151 57th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11219

Dear Rabbi Friedman:

My wife and I take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding performance of our dear son Shmueli’s Bris.  Overall it was an absolute pleasure to deal with you. 

Your extreme devotion to make sure that the baby was always comfortable went above and beyond.  Your confident demeanor and pleasant nature truly made us feel comfortable with the entire procedure. After the Bris, Shmueli slept like an angel for a couple of hours and was never in any pain.  We never imagined that the baby would be so relaxed after the Bris!

The post-surgical instruction and care that you provided, resulted in beautiful healing of the circumcision site.  Our baby’s nurse marveled that in her eight years of experience in caring for Jewish babies, she has never seen such beautiful results and such quick healing! 

We wish you much continued success for many thousands of additional Brisses, and we are delighted to continuously recommend you as a Mohel par excellence to all our family and friends.

With much appreciation,


Shlomo Weiss

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