"...I believe that Rabbi Friedman displays the talent of a seasoned and experienced surgeon in carrying out his work..."


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Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Steinwurzel

Chief Rabbi of Mateh Efraim
5608 13th Svenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

I write to publicize for those that are not aware, the talents of a remarkable master mohel of Jewish children, my dear friend who is G-d fearing and pious Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman who is a highly experienced mohel and an expert in the laws of circumcision and its practice. His excellent reputation and praise is widespread. He is recognized as a master mohel with expertise in the performance of circumcision with all its intricacies and practicalities. His procedure is performed swiftly and with utmost sterility of instruments, etc. All this is already known to all.

I myself have taken Rabbi Friedman to circumcise my own son and have witnessed and experienced firsthand his expertise as well as his total devotion to the bris to make sure that it gets performed with utmost care without causing the child any pain whatsoever.

I hereby bestow my blessings to Rabbi Friedman that he merit to continue with his holy work to bring many Jewish children into the Covenant of Abraham our Father and Elijah the angel of circumcision shall stand beside him and guide and support his right hand to assure constant success and may he merit success in all his endeavors.

Signed with the Covenant of Peace,
Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Steinwurzel
Chief Rabbi of Mateh Efraim

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