"I saw firsthand the manner that he performed the circumcision and it was obvious to me that he is an expert mohel with master skills and precision, all done with utmost speed..."


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Erika Schwarz-Cohen, MD

Board Certified Family Practitioner
1209 Hempstead Turnpike
Franklin Square, New York 11010

Re: Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman, Certified Mohel

Dear Parents:

As a parent you always want best for your child. Before I gave birth, I had to make a decision on which Mohel I was to choose to perform a Bris on my son.  About a month and a half before my due date, I started the search for a Mohel.   From the first moment that Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman and I spoke on the phone, I could sense the kind of Rabbi and person he was.  He was warm and knowledgeable.  We spoke a number of times and he was very supportive, since every mother gets a little nervous before birth.  He eased my anxiety and made me feel that everything was going to be okay as far as the birth was concerned and the Bris.

             I called him the day after my son was born and we arranged for the Bris.  When he arrived at my house, Rabbi Friedman walked in and I felt as if he had been my Rabbi for a long time. He was professional and came over to see my son as if he were part of the family.  Rabbi Friedman prepared my son and was always concerned about his comfort, health, and well being and explained everything as he was doing it.

            Before the Bris, Rabbi Friedman took the time to explain to my friends and family the significance of the Bris Ceremony and why it is performed.   Because all the guests were not fluent in Hebrew he had translations for them in English.

            The entire circumcision procedure only took about 30 seconds and my son never cried.   He was comfortable the entire time and after I took him upstairs, he slept peacefully.  After the Bris was over, Rabbi Friedman gave me detailed instructions, verbally and in writing, on how to care for the circumcision site.   He explained how and when to change the dressing.  

            Rabbi Friedman also went above and beyond his duties, by coming two days later to remove the dressing.   Rabbi Friedman demonstrated his talent and knowledge in performing a Bris Milah (Bris) while at the same time showing a great personality and kindness.  People say that you cannot have a great surgeon that also possesses great bedside manners, but Rabbi Friedman certainly has both. I could not be happier with the results.  Therefore, as a parent, and as a physician, I highly recommend Rabbi Friedman as a Mohel to all my friends and family that are expecting.  


Erika Schwarz-Cohen, MD

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