"Rabbi Friedman is a remarkable Master Mohel....I myself have taken Rabbi Friedman to circumcise my own son"


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Re: Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman – Certified Mohel


Dear Parents:

I wholeheartedly recommend Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman as a professional and experienced Mohel of the highest caliber. 

I have been a surgeon in the field of urology for the past decade, and have performed countless circumcisions over the years.  When my own son was born, I was looking for a Mohel to perform the Bris.  Rabbi Friedman came very highly recommended and when I met him I was instantly impressed with his fine character, pleasant demeanor and professionalism.

At the Bris, as the father of the baby, as well as being a seasoned surgeon myself, I carefully watched Rabbi Friedman as he performed the Bris.  It was “perfect!”  The skill, speed, precision and aseptic technique were exceptional.  Rabbi Friedman did not use clamps, hemostats or any other painful instruments, and my son was comfortable during the entire ceremony.

As a surgeon, as a urologist, and most importantly, as a parent, I highly recommend Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman as a fantastic and truly expert Mohel.  You will be delighted with his skill, care and compassion and with the results, as I was.




                                    Vitaly Raykhman, MD
                                    Board Certified by the American Urological Association     

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